Lease a car vs. buy a car

Lease a car vs. buy a car

Auto Holding 46 lease vs. buy customers make their decisions based on cost and length of time they want to drive a luxury sports car, sedan, or SUV.

Our car lease customers say they love upgrading to a new car every 1 to 3 years; however, the #1 reason they lease is the lower monthly payments potential long-term savings.

Auto Holding 46 customers who want to finance a luxury used car in the tri-state area are people who like to drive the same car for 5-10 years. They prefer to drive without being told how many miles they can put on a vehicle. Before you make any decision, here are some benefits of both!

Benefits of leasing a luxury used car near Mountain Lakes, NJ

Benefits of leasing a luxury used car near Mountain Lakes, NJ

Newest, freshest inventory

Leasing a car in the tri-state from Auto Holding 46 gives you premium access to the newest, top-rated fleet of luxury used cars

Business write offs

Leasing a car may offer business owners tax credits if they use their car for business. Contact your tax advisor to see what benefits you can get

Newer cars, fewer repairs

That’s right, you get a new car and end up spending less money on out-of-pocket repairs and overall maintenance costs

Smaller down payment

Even your down payment will be lower with a lease. In many states, you can even include sales taxes as part of your monthly lease payment, everything is packaged together

Save more $$$ on monthly payments

Lease financing vs. traditional financing tends to be lower because your payments will be based on your cars value while you drive it

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Benefits of financing luxury used car in the tri-state area

Benefits of financing luxury used car in the tri-state area

Getting pre-approved to buy a used car helps you find the lowest rates and the most flexible terms for a long-term commitment you can trust. Adding a protection plan to your used car also helps extend the life of your investment protects your budget from surprise costs.

No other dealership in the tri-state area comes close to matching our luxury used car prices and our finance specialists are here to help answer all of your questions

Customize and control your ride

Buying a car gives you a sense of ownership and helps you spend more time adventuring and less time in dealerships. You won’t be penalized if you want to customize your ride with accessories. When you lease a car every few years, that means more interaction with car dealerships.

Adventure & save more $$$ with no mileage costs

Before you decide to “lease a car near me,” remember, if you drive more than 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year, you might end up paying more than you can afford. Now more than ever, it’s essential to have the freedom to adventure the U.S. without being penalized for too excess driver miles.

More cash later for a trade-in

A trade-in allows you to get $$$ back for a down payment on your next new car. This will help you build your credit, leasing with bad credit is impossible.

Still not sure what kind of driver you are? Visit us on 74 U.S. Highway 46, Mountain Lakes, NJ, or call us 7 days a week at 908-388-9008, and we will help you get started on the driving journey that matches your needs.